The Val Benoît Project

Val Benoît, strategically located at the entrance of Liège, on the Meuse River’s banks, a stone’s throw from the new Guillemins Rail Station and at the edge of the future tram line in Liège, is poised to enter a new phase of its existence

SPI is seeking to rehabilitate the Val Benoît site to develop an economic activity area of nearly 35,000 m² by the conclusion of the project.

The new Val Benoît site will represent an effective and sustainable alternative to business parks installed in the outskirts, with a mix of functions (particularly in terms of training and residential areas) and the presence of shared community spaces.

  projet Val-Benoit Liege




 The Key Elements of this Project :

  • Renovation and redevelopment of a major site, now neglected
  • Mixed project: The site will combine economic activities, housing and other functions, as well as complementary, common services (nurseries, restaurants, meeting rooms, storage areas, etc.)
  • Verticality : The companies will occupy the space in a more rational manner, over several levels.
  • Sustainable Development : Completion of the project in adherence with the four components of sustainable development: The environment, the economy, society and culture.
  • Business Incubator : Hosting of emerging companies, to help prepare them to operate independently.