Urban Planning Rules

Urban Planning Requirements in Business Parks

All site development projects  must obtain authorisation in due form  for a town planning permit or single permit.
As of the first contacts pertaining to the site offer, SPI shall advise the investor of the existence of any town planning limitations in effect in the zone (town planning charter, municipal use and development plan, town planning and environmental specifications, municipal town planning regulations, etc.).

The concerned zones are :

For the other zones, the town planning requirements to be observed are the following :

Minimum Setback Zones for Buildings :

  • 10 meters measured  from the boundary at the front of the property (public roadways)
  • 6 meters in relation to the boundaries of the adjoining private properties

The setback zones may be used as car park spaces and green spaces.

Minimum Number of Car Park Spaces :

  • 1 space per 100 m² of hall space
  • 1 space per 50 m² of office space

Signs and advertising :

The only authorised indications are the corporate name, the name, the products manufactured or sold by the company. It is compulsory for the placement of signs and panels to be included in the town planning permit application file.

Drainage & Water Treatment :

It is recommended to seek information regarding the type(s) of drainage and the location(s) of the waste water and rainwater runoff networks for the site in question, either from the municipality's works department, or from AIDE (see the list of useful addresses).

Waste & Nuisances :

A waste storage area, which must be sheltered from direct sunshine if hydrocarbons are to be stored, must be installed. It shall be equipped with leak-proof protective measures to prevent ground and underground pollution and equipped with low retention walls if there will be oil storage.
It is recommended to complete all sections of the environmental impact assessment sheet as objectively as possible and to include those  measures taken or envisaged to mitigate nuisances. To this effect, the company may contact the UWE’s ‘Cellule des Conseillers en Environnement’ ("Environmental Advisory Cell") (see useful addresses).

High Speed Internet Access :

As telecommunications requirements increase from year to year, more and more companies will ultimately seek to have a direct fibre optic connection. SOFICO, a public body that emanates from the Walloon Region, provides, via several intermediate operators, these types of access points in five of SPI’s business parks, on very competitive terms. This technology enables nearly unlimited data transfer rates, but requires cable pathways  separate from those ordinarily used for telephony.

Also, in order to plan for future needs, when constructing new buildings, it is recommended from the onset to allow for  an additional sheath from the sidewalk to inside the company. Doing so will make it easier to install fibre optic cable at a later date.  Reduced installation time and costs are also expected to result as it would not be necessary to dig a trench and run a pathway through the company’s walls.