Principles Pertaining to the Collection of Personal Data

Personal information linked to visitors and/or tenants are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 8 December 1992 pertaining to the processing of personal data. In concrete terms, this notably signifies that :

  • Your personal data will only be able to be collected and processed pursuant to the purpose(s) indicated at the time of their collection.
  • You are entitled to view your personal data, in order to verify its accuracy and to rectify any errors therein. To this effect, you may contact the processing coordinator for your data, whose contact information is indicated below.
  • SPI commits to undertake the best security measures in order to prevent that third parties from misusing personal data that you have provided.

Processing Coordinator

All requests or queries pertaining to protection of privacy on the site may be sent to SPI's mailing address.

SPI rue du Vertbois, 11 à 4000 Liège (Belgium) – Tel. : +32 04 230 11 11 – Fax : +32 4 230 11 20 – E-mail :

Usage of navigation/browsing information for statistical purposes

When you access the site, the servers automatically collect the following data :

  • your computer's IP address during connection ;
  • the date and time of site access ;
  • the pages viewed ;
  • the type of browser used ;
  • • the platform and/or operating system installed on your computer ;
  • the search engine as well as key words used to find the site.

This information is retained for the sole purpose of counting the number of visitors to the various sections of the site and to bring about improvements.

The Use of Cookies

In order to facilitate your navigation of the site as well as optimise technical management, SPI may occasionally opt for the use of "cookies".

A "cookie" is a small piece of computer data saved by your computer's Internet browser when visiting certain websites. This "cookie" may be recovered during a later visit to this same site. The "cookie" cannot be read by a web site other than one which created it. The site uses "cookies" for administrative purposes, for example, to save your preferences for certain types of information, which prevents you from having to repeat the same keyboard entries during each visit to our site.

Most "cookies" only run during a single session or visit. Cookies do not contain any information that will result in your being contacted by telephone, electronic mail or postal mail. You may also configure your browser to inform you each time a "cookie" is created or to prevent them from being saved.