Information Management

SPI partners with companies to develop and defend their competitive positions.

Information management

SPI partners with companies in Liège seeking to figure amongst winning companies. To help them  retain or improve their competitive positions, SPI’s team places its experience at their disposal in several areas: business intelligence, information brokering and strategic intelligence.

Do you require a client database or market analysis ?

The Information Brokering service has all the answers you need.
The SPI team uses its collection of documents, databases, vast experience and Web-based research tools to provide answers to all of your questions, whether they require searching in client databases, verifying the solvency of a potential partner, or obtaining market information.
We quickly provide answers in strict confidence, in the form of a complete file comprised of trustworthy, validated, sorted and compiled information, ready for direct use by your departments.
Contact : Ingrid Kubelic, tel.: 04/230 11 81

Do you want to ensure that you won't miss a single opportunity ?

Call upon our business intelligence service.
The success of your company rests on an excellent awareness of its markets, competitors, environment and trends.
SPI's business intelligence service enables you to:

  • Monitor the appearance of new strategic information such as call for tenders, your competitors’ new products, new laws and standards...
  • Receive assistance in establishing your own business intelligence unit and setting the parameters for specialised tools that you may then operate fully independently.

Contact : Danielle Prégardien, tel.: 04/230 11 87

Do you wish to usher your company's management into a new era ?

Participate in our "Strategic Intelligence" cycles.

What does a company have to gain?
Participating companies :

  • can continuously offer products and services that meet the needs of their clients and partners,
  • can innovate, anticipates trends in the market and amongst its competitors,
  • offer high quality products and services,
  • place client satisfaction at the top of their list of priorities,
  • that publicises its successes and is concerned with its good reputation.

In short : A business that practices strategic intelligence.

SPI organises introductory cycles to strategic intelligence principles intended for business leaders based on the territory of the province of Liège.

These cycles involve two major steps :

  1. An information session and targeted training modules to familiarise the business leader with the important roles played by information management and protection, the tools and methods available to achieve it, the effective use of Internet, networking and the influence that all small and medium businesses can exert on its environment.
  2. Our teams then propose a company "participatory test " which consists of a personalised, confidential assessment of the strategic intelligence measures taken by the company, followed by an audit of its IS practices and recommendations for strengthening the company’s development strategy.

Contact :,

Formation Intelligence Stratégique - SPI Liège from SPI Liège on Vimeo.