Life in Liege

History, culture

Birthplace of Charlemagne, Liege became the capital of a Prince-Bishopric and remained an independent state for over eight hundred years.
This glorious past has left Liege with an exceptional architectural heritage. The Prince-Bishops' Palace, the Curtius Palce, the Town Hall, the Perron, Saint Paul's Cathedral, Saint Martin's Basilica, the churches of St Jacques and St Barthélemy are just a few examples.
Outside the town, the rest of the province is overflowing with signs and legends of its past. Find them in the museums and cultural centres via


Relaxation, tourism

The old town of Liège is perfect for a stroll, with lots to discover, such as the famous La Batte Sunday market, on the banks of the Meuse. During the week, or at the weekend, get ready to party with the people of Liege! Discover the flavours of Liege, with a huge range of dishes to choose from.

Visit the province and discover spas (Spa, Chaudfontaine), sports (Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Standard de Liège Football Club), landscapes (Gileppe Dam, the hilltop Citadel of Liege, the Fort de Huy etc.), music and theatre; 1,001 different pleasures await you!



There are a wide range of possibilities open to investors who wish to stay in the Province of Liege, from furnished apartments to bed and breakfasts, right up to 4- and 5-star hotels. You can also expect to pay less rent than in the large cities nearby.