Setting up a business in Liège, Belgium

A region of industrial traditions, today's Province of Liège has managed to diversify by focusing on cutting-edge technologies and services.

To help you start doing business from its strategic location, the region of Liège has more than 50 business parks (links in French) to set up a company in Liège and a range of semi-industrial or industrial buildings. These parks, whether general or specialized, are spread across the entire province.

The business community of Liège has understood that, when facing a globalised economy, 'United we stand' is the best attitude to adopt. Various networks and professional associations enable companies in Liège to meet and share their experiences and define Liège as a place to invest.

Investors will find SPI, the development agency of the province of Liège, the perfect partner when it comes to setting up a business or creating a companyin Liège.