Human resources

Many people in Belgium speak 2, 3 or even 4 languages. The excellent schools in Liege are particularly specialised in technological subjects and produce a highly qualified workforce to meet the needs of the market. Studying a second language (English, German or Dutch) is mandatory and pupils can (and often do) choose to study a third or even fourth language.

Workers from Liege make flexible employees, who ensure a high level of productivity and rarely become involved in industrial action.

One of the keys to success is knowing the job market. Setting up in the right place, knowing what resources are available, assessing the competition etc.
Both a player in and privileged observer of the job market in Wallonia, Forem (the public service for employment and vocational training in Wallonia) produces statistics and publishes analyses which enable all the stakeholders on the market to have a better grasp of its realities.

Forem has established training centres which offer specific programmes to meet the current and emerging needs of the regional job market. These programmes lead to vocational qualifications. In Liege, these skills centres are focused on green automobile technologies, motorsport technologies and industrial technologies, 'food' professions, the food industry, water-based professions, automobile professions, construction, transport and logistics, automation, aviation, CAD, electricity/electronics, IT, maintenance, mechanics & machining, micro-technologies, production management, surfaces and materials, measures and checks, welding & related techniques.