Office or industrial properties for rent or sale in and around Liège

Liège offers a wide choice of very affordable business locations both downtown and in economic activities parks along motorways or waterways. Choose what best suits your needs in Liège: land with excellent location for sale, greenfield or brownfield, offices for sale or to lease, industrial lot for sale, lab space, incubator, business centre, relay building, warehouse for sale or to rent,…

Moreover, the availability of industrial sites and office accommodation is constantly monitored by SPI Liège. The organisation is happy to assist potential investors in locating the ideal property for their particular needs. Its in-house updated database of property for sale or rent, offices to rent, land for sale may be consulted on its website, too.

Several renting formulas answer different needs. Incubators welcome starters in equipped offices with on-site, customized consultancy services. The Espaces Entreprise is comprised of office buildings sometimes with small workshops offering shared services and equipment and optional decentralized consultancy. Relay buildings of Liège have larger workshops with additional offices for up to two companies. Some of those are dedicated to specific sectors (biotechnology, engineering and aerospace, ICT, green motorisation).

Office, warehouse, land, industrial lot for rent or sale near an high quality infrastructure

The Province of Liège offers you the infrastructure to take up all challenges

Situated on the border with Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and within easy reach of France and Great Britain, the province of Liège (Belgium) benefits from a central location in Europe which it has used to good effect in establishing rapid and modern transport connections with the whole of Europe.

Liège features the third European inland port, a seven branches highway network, a freight dedicated airport (Liège Airport) in continuous expansion, international railway lines together with multimodal platforms and a high speed train station, the Liège Guillemins Station designed by Calatrava.

From Liège, your goods can reach 160 million European inhabitants in one day.

Thanks to our first-class logistics infrastructures and service providers, and to our premium business environment, the province of Liège is committed to providing you with just the right solution for your requirements. In direct link with the economy, the University of Liège welcomes more than 20,000 students of which more than 20% of foreign origin is very active in fundamental and applied research through the creation of spin-offs and its centres of excellence such as the GIGA research centre and the cyclotron research centre and through its participation in the running of the Liège Science Park.

Quality of life is also an asset. Besides its three main cultural institutions, the Royal Opera, the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra and the Théâtre de Liège, no less than 20 museums, 15 theatres and an International Contemporary Art Centre (CIAC) are open to culture lovers.

There is no better location for investing in Europe.

Come and find out for yourselves!