The networks

Various networks and professional associations enable companies in Liege to come together and share their experiences.


The SPoW Network - Science Parks of Wallonia:

  • runs the six science parks in Wallonsia housing, in a 700-hectare space, over 600 technological businesses (including 73 university spin-offs), providing 12,400 jobs, most with high added value;
  • promotes innovation between companies, research centres and universities;
  • helps to boost the Region's competitiveness. -

Competitive clusters

Mobility and Transport

  Logistics in Wallonia
Logistics in Wallonia is the Competitive Cluster created to develop the transport and logistics sector in Wallonia and promote it beyond the region's borders, by coordinating activities and defining a common strategy and optimising human and technological resources.

Skywin Wallonie is the Competitve cluster for the aeronautics and space sector.
The cluster's strategy has three strands:

  • the 'More intelligent' strand which seeks to develop the technological niche markets of the future,
  • the 'More applications and services' strand which targets development and the creation of new companies,
  • the ' More composite' strand which seeks to respond to demand on the aeronautics and space market and its need for ever more efficient, lightweight and environmentally friendly structures.  

Environment and Sustainable Development

GreenWin is the Competitive cluster for green chemistry and durable materials (including their applications in low-energy buildings). Its 3 strategic objectives are: the design of new products based on renewable (bio-sourced) or recyclable raw materials; the design of new products and systems applied to energy management (energy storage, durable constructions etc.); the design of new techniques for the reuse/recycling of end-of-life products and systems, as well as the use of rubbish dumps as a new source of raw materials.


Nutrition - Health


BioWin is the Competitive cluster which brings together all the stakeholders in Wallonia investing in innovative projects and/or teaching in the fields of biotechnology and health. The research and development supported by the cluster cover every field of healthcare. 8 technological themes have been established: biomarkers + in vitro & in vivo diagnosis, innovative tools and equipment, systems for administering drugs, innovative therapies, information technologies applied to human health, innovative processes and organisational innovations, medical equipment, drug discovery,...
WagrALIM is the Competitive cluster dedicated to the agri-food industry. Manufacturers in the sector have defined 4 priority fields which will guide all the cooperative approaches between the WagrALIM companies and partners: 'Health' foods/Nutritional quality, Industrial efficiency, Packaging, Developing sustainable agri-food sectors.


Cross-sectional technologies

MecaTech is the competitive cluster for Mechanical Engineering. MecaTech's projects are selected around four strategic fields: Materials and surfaces of the future, Global shaping technologies, Micro-technologies and mechatronics, Intelligent maintenance.

Visit the website of the competitive clusters in Wallonia


Work with the University of Liege and improve your competitiveness

The University of Liege (ULg) draws on the rich industrial tradition of the region and has always striven to stay open to the economic world. Half of the research budgets are devoted to cooperation projects with companies, often enabling them to innovate, develop and increase their competitiveness.

For 10 years, the University of Liege has also invested greatly in the technological development and economic reorganisation of the region. In particular it promotes the creation of technological clusters, combining university science departments with a group of companies and economic stakeholders around a set theme.

ULg also participates in the development and technological organisation of the LIEGE science park and plays an active role in interregional projects.

The University of Liege is still a pioneer when it comes to implementing a consistent policy and professional tools for making use of its research, with the most visible results being the creation of spin-offs - over 80 companies created so far! - and a significant portfolio of licensable technologies.

logo_interface The University of Liege/Companies Interface

Your entry point into the world of university research and innovation

The University/Companies Interface is the structure responsible for implementing the optimisation policy of the University of Liege. A true relay between the University and the socio-economic world, the University/Companies Interface encourages and supports industrial collaboration in all the fields of expertise of the University of Liege.

CCI Connect

With over 2,000 members, CCI Connect represents the aspirations of company heads in the provinces of Liège and Namur. Its main goals are the establishment of company, information and training networks.

The role of the CCI is to stimulate the local economic community and ensure that the stakeholders get to know and appreciate one another and work together, thus creating a virtuous circle, the source of new progress and developments.

List is not exhaustive.