Partnerships and Networking

Having good products and knowing one’s markets are certainly good starting points. Finding partners, becoming better known and being part of a network undoubtedly give companies a greater chance of realising their development projects.

Here is what we can offer your :

At the Belgian level :  meetings between entrepreneurs through the  Springmeetings, or Métamorphoses trade show. The participating companies return with concrete results : sales contracts, industrial or technological partnerships.

spring meetings

At the European level :

SPI belongs to the EEN Network, a network that seeks to bring Europe closer to its companies. The services we offer include :

  • Providing support in your search for European partners (sending companies abroad).
  • Its support during the preparation of dossiers.
  • Information on legislation (in particular, standards, markings, VAT), existing assistance and subsidy programs.

However SPI’s mission is even more extensive : Once partners have been located and information has been exchanged, our specialists assist you in making partnership projects a reality, and provide legal assistance for the drafting of agreements.