The EEN Network


The EEN is the official business portal of the European Commission, and SPI manages the Liège subsidiary. Its mandate is to inform businesses by providing them with European community expertise and to assist entrepreneurs in their efforts to position themselves at the European level.

EEN identifies the programmes that are best suited to your projects by means of its weekly intelligence gathering and optimises your chances of success by guiding you through the process.

In concrete terms, weekly intelligence gathering provides :

  1. A selection of the tender notices for procurement contracts in Belgium and bordering regions that have appeared in the Official Journal of the European Union.
  2. a personalised intelligence service (targeted according to sector, product or service) of the call for tenders appearing in the Official Journal of the European Union (S Series) and in the Bulletin belge des Adjudications ('Belgian Bulletin of Adjudications).
  3. a selection of procurement contract calls for tenders in the area of IT and communications technology (appearing in the Official Journal of the European Union (S Series)

EEN proactively provides information and support to European companies : Fostering awareness of European affairs, providing information on legislation, programmes and standards, support and accompaniment for transnational partnerships, information on operations and technological opportunities throughout Europe… It also provides feedback to the European Commission by informing it of the problems, requirements and expectations of small and medium businesses. It initiates numerous events and conferences.

"EEN"s were created by the European Commission to inform, assist and advise small and medium businesses. The network now contains XXX information points established in more than 42 countries.

EEN Liège is a member of the Walloon Euro Info Centres group.

Make SPI your portal to the EEN network !

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