At the outset, it is an ideal, a concept : Consensus for designing sustainable industrial sites

However :

  • it is difficult to translate this concept into reality
  • there is a diversity of sites
  • there is a lack of reference
all of which presents a need for measurement and assessment instruments.


Measurement – Planning – Execution

To adopt a sustainable approach is to commit to a continuous process of improvement.

The study may be conducted at two levels :

  • At the level of the company or parcel (infrastructure and surroundings)
  • At the level of the entire Business park (all of the parcels and the common spaces)

Which criteria are used to evaluate the sustainability of a Business park ?

Currently, the number of these criteria has been reduced to six. This does not mean that others do not exist, but these are the ones which have been deemed most significant.

  • Materials
  • Mobility
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste

Given that the system is modular, there is potential for change and development.

What is considered important :

  • The clarity of assessment instruments
  • The ability to apply the tools to all types of companies and Business Parks
  • The freedom to choose the scope and to work at various levels (single company, group of companies, Business Park)

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