SPI : Championing Success in the province of Liège

SPI is the economic development agency for the province of Liège.

Over the past five decades, SPI has mobilised its teams of development specialists for the benefit of the province of Liège.

It is mandated by all of the municipal authorities and by the Province of Liège itself, its majority shareholder, to lead actions targeting one ultimate goal : the creation of jobs and added value in the province of Liège.

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A Little History

17 February 1961 : Creation of the "Société Provinciale d'Industrialisation", more commonly referred to as SPI. This initiative was launched by the Province of Liège and its Governor, Count Clerdent, 27 municipal authorities, 39 private companies and the Autonomous Port of Liège.

15 December 1995 : Merger of SPI with the "Institut Provincial des Classes Moyennes" (IPCM) to form SPI+, an acronym of the words "Services Promotion Initiatives en province of Liège". This merger enabled further optimisation of the services delivered by the development agency. SPI+ combined SPI's considerable real estate experience and IPCM's business consultancy and support competencies.

In 2011, SPI celebrated its 50-year anniversary, re-envisioned its image and organised its activities around three key notions : land use and development, infrastructure and services.

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