SPI Activities

SPI does not limit itself to the creation of business parks and their facilities.

SPI's strength is channelling the abilities of its approximately one hundred specialists who present integrated solutions to their customers, along  SPI's three major activities. Territory, Infrastructure and Services are three complementary areas that enable expertise to be combined for increased effectiveness. A project may therefore receive optimal support at all phases - site development, identification of potential partners, differentiation support, concrete facility solutions, etc...

SPI's 3 Activities:

  • Territory specialists manage the balanced development of the province of Liège. To learn more

  • Infrastructure specialists manage business park facilities, assume responsibility for constructing and maintaining temporary locations for new business (temporary halls) and Business Centres. They also provide clients with their experience as a contracting authority. To learn more

  • SPI works actively to identify the optimal site development parameters for its clients. It also presents a wide range of personalised services, guidance and information aimed at increasing their competitiveness. To learn more