Strategic Plan

The 2011-2013 strategic plan was approved on 21/12/2010 during SPI's General Meeting.

The generic and basic goals of this plan define SPI's mission : To contribute to making the province of Liège a strong, attractive, sustainable territory and securing its legacy as such.

Three interrelated concepts form the basis of the plan:

  • Territory : Our province
  • Services for our clients, as well as public and private sector partners
  • Infrastructure : To place the right business in the best location and to develop real estate projects that meet the needs of clients and set conditions for harmonious development.

This interdependency is the fabric that weaves together the multi-disciplinary operational principles we apply throughout our primary population catchment area - the province of Liège's 84 municipal authorities - and cements our role as a driving force for unification. The themes of territory, services and infrastructure therefore link all of SPI's activities through the concept of territorial intelligence.