SPI : Working Actively for Public Operators

Are you undertaking large scale works ?

  • We work with you from the start of the project. Our land use and development experts assist you with all administrative approaches linked to land use and development. To learn more
  • We assist and advise the contracting authority, from the beginning to the end of construction. To learn more

Are you seeking strategic information ?

We can provide you with information search services, as well as a strategic intelligence service. To learn more

Our Strengths

  • A multi-disciplinary team (architects, engineers, works foremen, lawyers, IT experts…), are mobilised for your projects. The information is shared and structured throughout the management of your project for greater effectiveness.
  • We become your full-fledged partners : We partner with you to find personalised solutions. We are attentive to your needs. You will benefit from our network of external experts and from our knowledge of the province's entire territory.
  • We respond to files very quickly in order to save you time.
  • We simplify the administrative management of your projects : As a wholly public inter-municipal body since 2009, we are organised into sectors for greater flexibility and ease in terms of procurement contracts and competitive prices.