SPI’s territory specialists actively pursue the goal of balanced development of the province of Liège. Their knowledge of the territory, experience and extensive skills enable them to effectively manage sector plan modifications and site development studies, as well as envisage modifications to the use and occupancy of sites.

SPI is seeking to spearhead the transition of its territory toward improved sustainability and effectiveness, by subscribing to the principles of territorial intelligence.

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SORASI, a subsidiary of SPI and Meusinvest, oversees the restoration and sanitisation of industrial sites.

SPI works in close partnership with its subsidiary. Once site sanitation is completed, it assumes responsibility for the requalification and facilities of sites having an economic purpose.

In Tune to You

The territory specialists consult with the population when there is project development (business parks, business blocks, new collective infrastructures, etc.) in proximity to residential areas.


SPI applies itself to ensuring the rational use of available areas : Our experts bring their knowledge to the fore, observe the status of projects abroad (benchmarking) and re-invent business parks. Innovative projects may then emerge.

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