Business Blocks

The first pilot project dates back to the end of the 1990s with the Comblain-au-Pont business block. The goal of business blocks: Return certain economic activities to urban settings. Of course, it is essential to find activities compatible with the presence of nearby housing. Companies which generate nuisances (noise pollution, odour, frequent loading and unloading, etc…) are directed to business parks away from population centres.









Also, in Dalhem, there is a rural business block project.

Concept Key Points :

  • Proximity : The companies are not obliged to leave towns or villages
  • Security : The proximity of housing guarantees improved security for the facilities
  • Sustainable Development : Bringing economic activities near workers fits perfectly with the philosophy of sustainable development

Our business blocks

  • Braives (Avennes)
  • Dalhem
  • Marchin
  • Modave 
  • Olne
  • Retinne
  • Verviers (Couvalles)